For every insurance policy sold by you, you will earn each time the policyholder pays premium on that policy.

For example: If you sell an endowment policy of 20 years premium term, you will earn commission for 20 years on that policy.


Commission Earning Table

1st year2nd year3rd year4th year5th year
No. of policy140150175200250
Annual premium3,500,0003750000437500050000006250000
1st year 35 %1,225,0001312500153125017500002187500
2nd year 7.5 %262500281250328125375000
3rd year 7.5 %262500281250328125
4th year 5 %175000187500
5th year 5%175000
Monthly Income102083131250172917211198271094

Success Stories

First year Commission of TOP 10 TOT 2013 qualifiers from LIC of India:

1Shri Bharat V ParekhNagpur1,64,59,383
2Shri Ravindar JethaniMumbai1,28,52,004
3Smt Heena Hitesh ShahMumbai1,22,86,595
4Shri Rajesh K BhonsaleMumbai95,34,779
5Smt Sangeeta P PoddarMumbai79,56,912
6Smt Shyamlata S PoddarMumbai71,20,811
7Dr. Balwant Singh ChiranaDelhi70,64,505
8Shri Auti Dattatray JayramMumbai70,14,830
9Smt Reena GuptaBhopal66,55,529
10Smt Sangeeta MaheshwariIndore59,29,266

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