Benefits for LIC Agent

LIC of India always in search of people who want to become life insurance agents, this job is considered as one of the best jobs in the market. LIC Agent profile is totally service-based job, which means you do not have to do lots of investment.

Apart from no investment profile agents receive lots of benefits from LIC as commission, allowance and other benefits. LIC provides a 35% commission on each policy agent in the first year then 7.5% for the next 2 years and 5% lifetime of the policy.

Suppose you have done policies of 1 lakh premium in a month you will receive 35000/- first year than 7500/- for the next 2 years than 5000/- each year till the end of the policy term.

Moreover, LIC provided many more benefits like Bike allowance, House Loan, Gratuity, Group Insurance, office allowance, festival advance.

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