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Our IRDA new syllabus mock test is a well researched product which has delivered more than 80% success, and has been tried and tested by various insurance companies. So far more than 100,000 advisers used it for their success. Once the prospect finished Mock test for 5-6 times, it is assured that he will get through the IC38 real exam. You can try as many times you want. Each time new question paper will appear Preparing for the IRDA IC38 exam through our mock test is the easiest way for clearing the exam. Dont spend too much time preparing the conventional way for exams?

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  1. No limits for test you can do: No restrictions on number of tests you can practice
  2. You can use all languages available with single user id. Each time new sets of question panel will appear for you.
  3. More questions from main chapters just like original tests.
  4. Improved pass %: Before appearing the actual test .
  5. Confidence and tension free: Our automatic mock test design is just like real test. So those practiced on our mock test can attend real test tension free. Conventional way preparing for the exam can not help you like this.


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