English IC33 Paper 2

Que. 1 : How is the complaint to be launched with an insurance ombudsman?

1.  The complaint is to be made orally over the phone   2.  The complaint is to be made in writing   3.  The complaint is to be made orally in a face to face manner   4.  The complaint is to be made through newspaper advertisement

Que. 2 : Which of the below will be the most appropriate option for a customer to lodge an insurance policy related complaint?

1.  Supreme Court   2.  Insurance Ombudsman   3.  Police   4.  IRDA

Que. 3 : Which among the following is not a pre-requisite for launching a complaint with the Ombudsman?

1.  The complaint must be lodged within 1 year of the insurer rejecting the complaint   2.  The complaint must be by an individual on a ‘Personal Lines’ insurance   3.  Complainant has to approach a consumer forum prior to the Ombudsman   4.  The total relief sought must be within an amount of Rs. 20 lakhs

Que. 4 : Which of the below consumer grievance redress al agencies would handle consumer disputes amounting between Rs. 20 lakhs and Rs. 100 lakhs?

1.  National Commission   2.  State Commission   3.  District Forum   4.  Zilla Parishad

Que. 5 : Are there any fee I charges that need to be paid for lodging the complaint with the Ombudsman?

1.  20% of the relief sought must be paid as fee   2.  No fee or charges need to be paid   3.  A fee of Rs 100 needs to be paid   4.  10% of the relief sought must be paid as fee

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Que. 6 : What is the time limit for approaching an Insurance Ombudsman?

1.  Within one month of rejection of the complaint by the insurer   2.  Within one year of rejection of the complaint by the insurer   3.  Within three years of rejection of the complaint by the insurer   4.  Within two years of rejection of the complaint by the insurer

Que. 7 : Which of the following is the duty of an Ombudsman?

1.  The copies should be sent to both the complainant and insurance company   2.  Recommendation must be made within one month of the receipt of the complaint   3.  Both of the above   4.  None of the above

Que. 8 : What does a product defect mean

1.  Imperfection 1   2.  Shortcoming   3.  Inferior quality   4.  All of the above

Que. 9 : Who is the central repository of insurance grievance data?

1.  IGMS   2.  DAC   3.  COPA   4.  III

Que. 10 : Which among the following cannot form the basis for a valid consumer complaint?

1.  Faulty products   2.  Allergy warning not provided on a drug bottle   3.  Shopkeeper not advising the customer on the best product in a category   4.  Shopkeeper charging a price above the MRP for a product

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