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1. Which channel promote bank(s) to sell life insurance policies

2. The Indian Insurance Act was formed in the year

3. Code of conduct for agents are specified by

4. Which of the following statement is correct?

5. The probability that one person will die with in one year is calculated by

6. Insurance applies to _________________ pool of risk with ______________.

7. Janvi borrows Rs 10 lacs from Geeta. She returns Rs 2lacs in the next month.Geeta now plans to take an insurance polcy on life of Janvi. Which of the statement is true?

8. Mohit took a policy and declared that he drinks alcohol. He did not declare that he was operated for hernia in the last year as he was all right now and felt it was not important to declare. This is a case of

9. Rajan takes a Family Floater health insurance of Rs 3 lacs from Insurance company X and has a health cover of Rs 2lacs from another company Y from his employer side. He suffers from heart attack and has a total bill of Rs 4 lacs. He can take claim from

10. A company ABC can buy insurance for

11. The main supplier of the material fact is

12. Rama bought an insurance policy in the year 2002 and did not disclose that she was suffering from cancer. She died in the year 2007. The insurance company needs to



15. In the event of Lapsed policy being revived which of the following must exist

16. Maximum possible loss refers to Maximum amount of loss that can occur

17. Agent prepares confidential report based on which information of Proposer

18. The premium is invested until it is required to pay claims

19. Interim bonus is for

20. Mahesh bought a ULIP 10 year back. At Maturity the market went significantly low. What can Mahesh consider?

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